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SHARP Water Purifier

  • Brand: SHARP
  • Product Code: SHARP Water Purifier
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For the First time in India *Vestige Marketing* brought you holistic approach to keep our health best through *CNT (Cellular Nourishment Therapy)* - Taking Care of *Complete Nutrition, 

Importance of Water
*Human body is made of 70% water by body mass.*
*Our blood contains 90% water.*
*Water is the medium which transport nutrition and oxygen to the entire body.*

*Sharp Water Purifier comes with four different filters:-*

*1) PP filter - which removes soluble impurities like dust, soil and other solvents.*

*2) Carbon Filter - known for its cleaning properties it removes the chemical dissolved in water*

*3) RO membrane - Sharp Water Purifier is fitted with ultra-modern American RO membrane with a life span of about 2yrs, and cleans       upto 93.3% arsenic type impurities  which are untraceable by normal purifier.*

*4) AF Disruptor -  the one of it''s kind Disruptor available only with sharp makes water 99.9% drinkable. Other purifiers rely on UV rays to     kill germs but they makes them dormant for some time or the corpses are in the water. If we drink such water these can get active         again in our body.*

*In contrast to this Sharp Water Purifier''s AF Disruptor absorbs these corpses in it''s filter and make the water pure*

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