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Delivery Information

Please Read the below instruction carefully before making an order.

VisionWaves is registered distributor of Vestige and helps to steer the business plan and assist to purchase the products online.

We operate this website to promote our own network, who are registered as Distributor with Company (Vestige). The payment gateway of this portal is linked with our personal account, the money from this portal is not on behalf of the company. The person who transaction the payment for the Vestige products and services, can not claim any product or damages from the Company (Vestige).

On behalf of you, we will forward your request to Vestige and purchase the products online against your Distributor ID so that you can earn more income with Vestige as part of the Direct Selling Plan.

You will obtain your item straight from Company Vestige and return policy will apply as stated on the official website of Vestige. (, but if you need any help, we can also assist the same.